Youth summer camp - Brodarica, Croatia


What age is Activo camp appropriate for?

The Activo camp is for children and teenagers aged 7 to 17 years. Each camper chooses one of the camp programs, and the campers are divided into groups depending on their age. 

Does the Activo Camp offer an English Language Learning Program?

The official language of the camp is English, and all camp programs are conducted in English. A large number of children come from different countries, which contributes to children communicating with each other in English.

All the above presents the active use of the English language and we consider that in the period of one or two weeks, such active use of the English language to be more effective than common language learning classrooms.

While in the camp, children overcome the possible fear of speaking foreign language. Of course, each student must have a basic knowledge of the English language.

Is it possible to change the activity after starting them?

Each camper chooses a program of his/her own interest, but if the camper finds out later that the program is just not suitable for him/her, it is possible to change it during the first two days.

What is the accommodation like?

 Campers are accommodated in pavilions, in 3-4 bed rooms, each with its own toilet and shower. Campers are arranged in rooms according to their age and gender. We strive to accommodate children from different countries in each pavilion to encourage them to meet the peers from different countries and communicate with each other in English. One room at the entrance of each pavilion is for teachers/counselors who are at campers’ disposal 24 hours a day.

Can two friends be in the same room?

It is possible to make a written request to the camp staff but our recommendation is that the camp staff determines the room placement to allow campers to gain new friendships and to accomplish better connection between the students. Friends often isolate themselves from other students which prevents their quality inclusion and socializing with other campers, and communication is then reduced to their native language instead of English.

What about the meals?

The meals are organized in our own restaurant on the principle of 'self service'. For breakfast the campers choose from butter, marmalade, honey, soft cheese, pate, cereals and tea, milk or cacao. For lunch they have a soup every day, followed by main course with salad. For dinner they also have a choice of three cooked menus.
Before a camper arrives to the camp, the parents will receive menu lists for the whole week so that a camper can choose his/her weekly menu, and meals provided during stay will be according to the chosen menu. The professors eat together with their group and if they notice that a student does not eat, they will talk to him/her, and if really necessary, the camp staff will contact the parents.

Are mobile phones allowed in the camp?

Campers are allowed to use mobile phones but we try to reduce it as much as possible. Mobile phones are prohibited during classes. We recommend that campers contact the parents when they arrive at the camp and ideally before they leave it. If you feel that you need more frequent contact, we recommend it during the afternoon rest from 2 PM to 2:45 PM. We kindly ask the parents not to contact their children too frequently as one of the goals of your child’s stay in the camp is to gain a sense of independency and to take over their own responsibilities, which might not be possible with too frequent contacts with parents.

What about the camp rules?

 The campers are obliged to behave properly during transport and time in the camp, and to behave properly towards all material goods and fellow campers, staff members and others. They are obliged to honour the daily routine and be present during all meals and lessons. They need to honour wake up and bed time. It is strictly forbidden to consume cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, or to leave the camp on his/her own. It is also forbidden to go to other campers' houses after bed time or entering the same when empty. The camper is also asked to take care of his own stuff, valuables and money. Valuables and money can be put in safe (contact your teacher). We are not responsible for anything that is lost or stolen. Any damage made in the camp needs to be paid on spot by student or within a week by parent or guardian.

In case of disobeying the house rules, the Organizer keeps the right to inform the parents about it and to break the Contract with camper. The camper will be asked to leave the camp. If parent or guardian is unable to arrange for the transportation, the Organizer will do the same – on Parent/Guardian cost. In case of breaking the contract due to Camp rules infringement – there are no refunds.