Summer camp for children and youth - Brodarica, Croatia
Are you ready for #ACTIVO summer?

Program that promotes the physical activity among children and encourages them to engage in various sports.

In Activo summer youth camp, the first lesson is reserved for the advanced swimming training for good swimmer and organized swimming school for non-swimmers. During the second lesson, campers will compete in various team sports and games while in the afternoon they will attend various programs including Crossfit for boys and Fitness programs for girls.

Activo sports camp program includes:

  • Crossfit training for Boys - training of strength and fitness. Intensive, short and varied training with elements of athletics and gymnastics. With this training, you will develop basic skills such as running, jumping, catching, throwing, raising, rolling, balancing... Children will become extremely harmonized and adopt the skills that are fundamental to success in different individual and team sports,
  • Fitness for Girls - each day in the camp you will try a different fitness program; from Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga ..., and have possibility to check-out which program suits you best and return home fit,
  • Sport tournaments and games - volleyball, soccer, basketball, handball, rolling, hockey, fencing, mini golf, archery, table tennis, swimming, diving and jumping in the sea... are just some of the sports you will play at Activo Camp,
  • Swimming school - obligatory for non-swimmers while good swimmers will go through an advanced training of swimming techniques (breaststroke, crawl stroke, backstroke, butterfly) and become even better swimmers.

Activo Camp - Brodarica, Croatia

Partners with whom we cooperated on our projects

What they said about us?

  • I was in your camp in 1991. I took English lessons and had a great time!
  • Socializing with children from all over Europe and the world leads to the development of co-existence and tolerance among the youngest members of our community.
  • Positive experiences and impressions that children bring home are priceless.